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Ladies Monaco Robe 325


…Ladies Kirstin Tunic, Seersucker - With Monogram 275 Ladies Kirstin Tunic, Seersucker - No Monogram 250

Hampton Mens

…Men’s Hampton Robe, Terry-Lined Seersucker - With Monogram 375 Men’s Hampton Robe, Terry-Lined Seersucker - No Monogram 350

Hampton Ladies

…Ladies Hampton Robe, Seersucker - With Monogram 375 Ladies Hampton Robe, Seersucker - No Monogram 350


…Eleanor Gown, Percale - With Monogram 275 Eleanor Gown, Percale - No Monogram 250

Pawley Ladies

…Ladies Pawley Robe, Pique - With Monogram 325 Ladies Pawley Robe, Pique - No Monogram 300

Fishers Ladies

…Ladies Fishers Towel Wrap - With Monogram 150 Ladies Fishers Towel Wrap - No Monogram 125


Ladies Alinda Bed Jacket - No Monogram 300

Monogramming Guidelines

…What is the proper etiquette for monogramming a bridal trousseau? Marking one’s linens with initials has been a practice for hundreds of years. As with any historic tradition, the rules and methods evolve over time. Traditional etiquette for a bridal trousseau would have nearly all the household linens monogrammed with…