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A Collector’s Guide:  Marghab Linens

Emile and Vera Way Marghab founded Marghab Linens, Ltd., on the Portuguese Island of Madeira in 1933. Together, Emile a native of Cyprus (then a British Colony), and Vera Way, a native of Watertown, South Dakota, established one of the finest embroidery houses in Madeira. Because of the couple's planning, dedication and desire for the 'continual pursuit of perfection', Marghab Linens flourished for forty-seven years (1933-1980).

Madeira and hand embroidery have been synonymous since the embroidery industry was brought to this small island in 1850. Although the Industrias de Bordados was well established by the time Emile and Vera Way Marghab began their business, it was the Marghab's that raised quality standards to an unprecedented level. The exacting standards of Marghab Linens ensured them of being favorites among royalty, diplomats and admirers of fine things.

You can find original Marghab items in antique stores and online. We highly recommend the book, Perfection never less: The Vera May Marghab Story by DJ Cline for any collector's library.