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Cobble Hill 1

Designing with Purpose

To many, the thought of renovating and designing a new home sounds like headaches and challenges. But, to Jenny Wolf, the thought of renovating and designing her Brooklyn townhouse brought a unique opportunity to showcase her family’s history.

We can’t blame the New York designer for falling in love with the five-story townhouse in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill area. From the traditional architecture to the charming neighborhood, everything about this space screams yes. Wolf elevated the home by creating a functional space for her family that maintained the integrity of the traditional architecture with modern elements.

What Wolf loves most about her new home? The beloved furnishings that fill it. Over the years, Wolf began collecting everything from art to antique furnishings at flea markets all over the world. Upon furnishing her new home, Jenny was fascinated how all her collections had come together, “It’s interesting how when you buy things you love, they always find a way to work together. It becomes more about finding the right place for your things, rather than going out and trying to buy new things to decorate the space.”

What can we take away from Wolf? We can focus on Wolf’s unique principle of building the house around the love of both people and pieces. Wolf remodeled her home to create a functional space for her family while showcasing her beloved flea market treasures. We can also learn from Wolf’s outlook on new spaces as an opportunity to build around loved furnishings, rather than buying furnishings to fill spaces. And, most importantly, we can face renovations with Wolf’s mentality of opportunity rather than challenge.

We are truly honored to be featured in Wolf’s bedrooms as a few of her darling collections. Well done, Jenny!