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Linens for Little Ones

August 28, 2014

August 28 Linens For Little Ones

'Linen embellishments adapt so well to the playfulnes inherent in children's spaces that you wonder if maybe the whole idea was born there. A bouncy bed is one of the first toys a child discovers, and so let it be just that by bordering the comforter with a big bright stripe and…

Monogram Mondays: Virginie

August 25, 2014

August 25 Monogram Monday Virginie

One of Jane Scott's original designs back in the early days of Leontine Linens, the Virginie is a tried-and-true favorite for a classic bed or bath ensemble. Most popular in a unique chainstitch, the Virginie features a classic script letter style made special with a wreath delicately framing the letters.

Table Tips:  Outdoor Entertaining with High & Low

August 21, 2014

August 26 Outdoor Dining

Outdoor entertaining is the perfect place to mix 'high and low' - mixing your fine china with placemats cut from butcher paper, using an assortment of silverware styles, and mixing table linens for a look that is inviting and informal.

Monogram Mondays:  Halpin

August 18, 2014

August 18 Monogram Monday Halpin

The Halpin monogram is a chic vintage style recently uncovered by a family member, and we just had to make it part of the Leontine collection. Shown in a handsome ringstitch, we love the unique layout of the letters, making it a perfect option for a child's room or a retro-inspired set of cocktail napkins.

The Meaning of Handmade:  Embroidery & Applique Techniques

August 14, 2014

August 14 Antique Monogram Books

'With more and more manufacturers searching for ways to make thier products special, the term handmade has become overused and misunderstood to the point that it has lost its true meaning and impact...At Leontine Linens, each design is first hand drawn by our artisans. The expert hand of…

Monogram Mondays:  Colleen

August 11, 2014

August 11 Monogram Monday Colleen

One of our most elaborate embroidery styles, the Colleen monogram is as bejeweled as it gets, with intricate framework and hand-seeded details. This design shines in two shades of embroidery. It is the epitome of luxe.

Contributor Spotlight:  David Kleinberg

August 07, 2014


Even we can admit, monograms aren't for everybody. Shocking, we know. But it's true! And we know better than anyone how to create a completely custom, couture, and bespoke bed ensemble without ever muttering the 'm-word'. It doesn't hurt when you collaborate with top designers who love…

Monogram Mondays: Kinsey

August 04, 2014


Cipher monograms are a standout for the way the letters are combined and intertwined to create something that is as much a decorative motif as it is a set of initials. The Kinsey monogram is made even more special by being an applique design, which is all the more rare to find in the…

A Collector’s Guide:  Wirthmore Antiques

July 31, 2014


Wirthmore Antiques is steps away from the Leontine Linens showroom in New Orleans, and we love stopping by to be inspired by their incredible collection of antique linens and heirloom textiles. Owner Gay Wirth shared some of her wisdom on collecting fine linens in the book, and we…

Monogram Mondays: Forrester

July 28, 2014

2009Forrester2Hi 630X420

A classic monogram style is made all the more special when shaded in two shades of coral. The Forrester is the perfect choice for table linens that blend seamlessly with your china, but works equally as well on bed or bath linens.


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