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Book Club: Perspective

Steven Gambrel reinterprets tradition with “intriguing twists and irrelevant juxtapositions” in each of his projects in his book, Perspective.

Palmolive Building Apartment


Gambrel uses a masculine pallet to reflect the city’s urban rigor with the reflective light from the lake in the master bedroom of the Palmolive Building Apartment. Our Driscoll border subtly complements the art deco language felt throughout the home, thereby taking on a distinct Chicago-like identity.

Fifth Avenue Duplex


Early twentieth century meets contemporary architecture in this Fifth Avenue apartment, creating a soothing space that will last a lifetime. The calm and restful environment made by the pale gray tones in the master bedroom tie the unusual mix of periods together.

Morton Street Townhouse

The Morton Street Townhouse, illusive of the timeless West Village character, blends the décor schemes from Gambrel’s previous townhouse with his reimagined life in his new historic home.


The master bedroom, which was once an art studio, now is dressed in bold colors, suited as an enlivened escape. The two guest bedrooms have serene warm and cold palettes, creating a visual surprise in each room.


Custom details are seen throughout the house, with each of the bedrooms having their own distinct and serene personality.


To purchase a hard copy of Steven Gambrel: Perspective, click here.