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The Orchid Dinner

It’s no secret that no table is complete without a floral arrangement. Roses, hydrangeas, gardenias, daises, peonies; the possibilities are endless. One of our favorite events of the year is the New York Botanical Garden’s Orchid Dinner. Hosted by Veranda, The Orchid Dinner calls designers, florists, and architects to the challenge of creating a centerpiece and tablescape centered around fabulous orchids.

Elizabeth pash antiques

Elizabath Pash of Elizabeth Pash Antiques + Decoration beautifully crafted her table at the Orchid Dinner earlier this month. The table’s inspiration began with a printed table cloth of wandering orchids. Pash balanced the tablecloth’s elaborate design with deep aubergine plate chargers, amethyst glassware, and porcelain plates.

Her tablescape gave our dinner napkins an amazing backdrop to shine. The soothing green linen and intricate details of the Carlisle embroidered monogram bring the perfect amount of detail to cohesively tie the tabletop and orchids together. What a dreamy design!

Elizabeth pash decoration
Sketch by Jane Gianarelli
Shelley Johnstone Catherine Mono

Shelley Johnstone Paschke is an Orchid Dinner veteran, and it is always fun to see the magnificent designs she pulls together. This year, her table packed a punch with a dramatic towering orchid display, an envious tangle of vines, and our Catherine embroidered monogram in three colors.

Shelley Johnstone Catherine Mono 2

What begins as a hectic shuffle of branches and bushes, ends as a magical Orchid Oasis tucked into the historic Plaza Hotel Ballroom. New York is one of our favorite places to take appointments because of its constant inspiration. We're coming to town soon and would love to see you there, click here to request an appointment.

Images from Elizabeth Pash and Shelley Johnstone

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