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The Washington Post

Design Trend: Monograms

Written by Elizabeth Mayhew

"Everyone, these days, is a brand. If you blog, tweet, Instagram, friend, and/or pin, you can show the world who you are, what you like and what you stand for.

One thing that brands love more than anything is a logo. This might explain why monogramming is having its moment. Just like Gucci with its G’s, Chanel with its C’s, and Louis Vuitton with its LVs, each of us can have our initials embroidered, etched, silkscreened or printed on just about anything from yoga mats to rolling pins. Yes, what used to be thought of as elitist — think silver cups and linen handkerchiefs — is no longer. Monogramming has gone mainstream."

In Elizabeth's article highlighting the still-growing popularity of the personal monogram, she shares Leontine Linens as one of her go-to brands for monogrammed linens. Check out the full article here.