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Towel Care

Linen Tips: Towel Care

Bath towels are the first thing we reach for in the morning and the last thing we touch in the evening. From washing your face to taking a bath your towels should be an item you look forward to using. You should also have fun with your towels and bring design into your bathroom space. Caring for your towels properly will make them look nicer and last longer, here are our recommendations for keeping your towels in great shape!

  • Pre-wash before to break in the cotton fibers, making the towels softer and more absorbent.
  • Do not mix different types or colors of towels in the same load
  • Do not use liquid fabric softener, it diminishes the absorbency of the towels
  • Towels may snag from time to time – it is safe to simply clip the extended thread, but never pull
  • Bath towels should be washed after every three uses and wash cloths after every use
  • Use the coldest water setting and a lower heat setting to ensure you do not over dry
  • Stay away from bleaching agents of any kind

*Image from Architechtural Digest