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Neat Freak: Ironing Tips

Rumor has it, some of us actually like ironing. If that's not you, take the chore and fear out of pressing your fine linens by following some of our top tips:

  • Iron while the item is still slightly damp, on the reverse side of the fabric.
  • Always use the fabric-appropriate heat setting.
  • Make sure the face of the iron is clean before using. You can find special cleaners for irons at your hardware or grocery store (and of course on Amazon)
  • For embellished items, iron on the reverse side of the embellishment on a towel in order to preserve the three dimensional quality of the applique or embroidery.
  • Use a lightweight 'press cloth' of muslin or an old pillow case placed between the iron and the item being pressed to prevent shiny scuff marks
  • Do not use starch if the item is being stored for a long period, as it has the potential to yellow over time.