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Monogram Monday:  A Cherished Heirloom

March 31, 2014


There is nothing more pleasant than finding a vintage monogram tucked in a trove of antique linens. Jane Scott was lucky enough to inherit her great-great grandmother's trousseau as well as her monogram initials. These very pieces were the initial spark behind Leontine Linens. The…

Monogram Mondays: Malcolm

March 24, 2014


It's almost here! We are just about a week away from the release of LINENS by Jane Scott Hodges. Today's Monogram Monday is the Malcolm style - a handsome block letter with a chinoiserie-inspired bamboo frame. Shown in gold thread on cognac linen, it makes for the warmest of invitations to sit and dine with friends. Photo by Joseph Rey Au.

Monogram Mondays:  Sadie

March 17, 2014

000Jacket Back

The Sadie monogram is one of Jane Scott's favorites and is the perfect complement to an impromptu courtyard brunch with an Hermes scarf turned into a beautiful table cloth. People love the Sadie because of the unique way the initials nestle into the surname initial, for a design that is…

Monogram Mondays:  Etienne

March 10, 2014


As a sneak preview to LINENS by Jane Scott Hodges, we are starting 'Monogram Mondays' where we post one of our favorite monograms and the story behind it...and we are starting with one of our very first original styles, Etienne. Our first monogram to receive national press, the Etienne,…


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