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Leontine Linens | Press

Architectural Digest - September 2017

Tory Burch's Southampton home is undeniably magnificient. Every inch of the 15,000 square foot estate is impeccibly furnished and gushes style. What we find most astonishing about Burch's estate is how Burch and designer Daniel Romualdez maintained the tradition of the estate while creating a functional, modern, fun living space. Ultimately they create a home meant to be lived in.

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We are honored to be featured in one of Westerly's bedrooms. We love how our Brigitte monogram and corresponding shams plays against the pattern-filled bedroom.

All of our linens can be made in any fabric or monogram of your choosing, making it easy to match any color or pattern. To browse our color offerings, click here, and to start working on your newest project today, contact us for more information.

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