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Milieu Spring 2014

Leontine Linens | Press

Milieu Spring 2014

Infusion of Color

A Houston couple wanter their 1927 home to stay true to its original architecture and style while becoming bright and fresh for today

Interior Design by: Eleanor Cummings Architecture By: Kirby Mears

Photography By: Peter Vitale Written By: David Masello

..."We used plenty of colors throughout the house, along with patterns, as on the master bedroom and kitchen walls, but all of the hues and shades cohere and complement one another," She says. "It was important to keep a careful balance."

Cummings was able to keep this balance with the patterned walls in the bedroom with Leontine's Wiley embroidery monogram, shown center on three Euro shams in soft green hues to match the wallpaper. Contact us today to create your own custom bed set.