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The Little Black Dress of Table Linens

February 08, 2016


Just as every closet should have a little black dress, every table should have the same. Our Etienne dinner napkins are just that - classic embroidery in gold on ivory hemstitch you can't go wrong with. This design pairs well with any china pattern or table scape a like.

Choosing your headboard

February 04, 2016


Our friends over at Lucas Eilers have provided the perfect set of tips for choosing the right headboard! "A few elements to consider when selecting a headboard are size, material, color, and function. An oversized headboard can double as a statement piece, while a smaller headboard…

Linen Tips: Ringstitch

February 01, 2016

Custom Ringstitch Monogram

Ringstitch is a form of embroidery where the thread is looped to create a chain-like effect. This style is not widely available which makes it a go-to for unique designs.

Linen Tips: Sheeting

January 07, 2016

Sheet Collage

Whether you like the feel of something crisp and cool like percale; or soft and smooth like sateen- sheeting should be at the top of your list when considering new bedding. At Leontine our sheets are made of fine Egyptian cotton and can be embellished with the borders and monograms of…

Linen Tips: Monogram Mixing

December 03, 2015

Untitled Design (11)

The fun is in the mix! We get the question “Do I have to stick to one monogram style?” quite often and we quickly we respond absolutely not! A mix of applique and embroidery and monogram styles is a fun way to add your touch to your bedding mix.

Linen Tips: Napkin Folding

November 12, 2015

Napkin Fold 1

With Thankgiving just two weeks away, no time like the present to talk napkins. When setting your table it is a good idea to consider how you will incoporate your napkins with your place setting. Folded on top? Fixed with a napkin ring? Below are a few of our favorite ways.

Linen Tips: King Pillow Arrangement

October 22, 2015

Untitled Design (7)

With the added width of a king size bed there are so many different ways to arrange your pillows. We have a few favorites that work no matter the pattern, print or design on your fabric. Here are a few of our favorite pillow set-ups. Two King Pillows Three Euros, One Body Pillow, Two…

Linen Tips: Bold Bolster

August 27, 2015


A large bolster pillow can be the perfect addition to the front of your bed. Pairing in front of Euro shams gives an added layer and creates great depth, without taking up too much room!

Terry or Linen? Or Both?

August 13, 2015

Untitled Design (13)

We get the question quite often "terry or linen for my powder room"? More often than not our answer is why not do both! In smaller spaces where sometimes the only room you have is around the sink a few linen towels stacked work great for your guest. In spaces where you may have a…

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